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Approaching their 50th Anniversary, Hunt Petroleum came to Zielinski Design to spearhead the creation of a commemorative coffee table book which we titled “Riding for the Brand”, a term coined by the workers on the rigs. The only problem Zielinski Design faced was that Hunt Petroleum failed to save anything historical over it's first 50 years. Zielinski Design crafted a solution: we held company picnics in several field locations and invited all the employees and retirees to come and enjoy lunch and to bring their stories and photographs. We paired everyone up at large tables based on their departments so all the landmen were talking to each other, all the pipe fitters were talking to each other, etc. etc. The events were so successful that we were able to archive over 700 unique images, as well as over 80 hours of recorded storytelling. Zielinski Design collaborated with 1400 Words and legendary Dallas writer, Bill Baldwin to write the book. The highlight of the trip was when Bill Baldwin said, “Will you look at the size of those steaks - they’re as big as saddles!”. Needless to say, it was one of the most successful and most interesting projects we have had the pleasure of working on.