Zielinski Design Associates

A Branding & Identity Consultancy

Zielinski Design Associates Inc., (ZDA) is a Dallas based, international design firm providing solutions for diverse market segments. Founded in 1991, ZDA is a branding and identity firm known for taking on large complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies and making a difference for our clients, employees and community. We service industries ranging from heavy manufacturing to real estate to beauty. We deliver both B2B and B2C solutions and offer a full-range of services from brand design & development, strategy, graphic design, web design, identity development, packaging design, print design, digital design, advertising, and environmental design and more.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” — Tom Zielinski

ZDA creates compelling identities and communications that drive consumer engagement across multiple platforms, enhancing your brand. We focus on the strategy and execution of cutting-edge creative campaigns that will help you rise above the visual and audible noise. ZDA’s attention to detail, strong work ethic, and our inherent desire to understand your business, allows us to deliver ideation that will enhance your customers experience.

“There are three reactions to a piece of design Yes, No and Wow. Wow is the one you want.” — Milton Glazer

ZDA has worked with every type of company imaginable from startups to fortune 100 and no two alike. We have been responsible for creating world class brands that a have changed the landscape of the market, (Ion™ Color Brilliance), to creating ones that have changed the way the world thinks, (SMU Tate Lecture Series). In addition to branding, ZDA has also rebranded, repositioned, rethought, reworked and revisited existing brands for clients in the US and Europe.  ZDA maintains a steadfast loyalty to our customers and are committed to making a difference for our clients, employees and community.

“Design is thinking made visual” — Saul Bass