Zielinski Design Associates

A Design Agency & Brand Consultancy

Zielinski Design Associates Inc creates compelling identities and communications that drive consumer engagement across multiple platforms, enhancing your brand. We are an ideation firm that focuses' on the strategy and execution of cutting-edge creative campaigns that will help you rise above the visual and audible noise. Our specialty is understanding how to create what's right for you. From Brand Development & Strategy, Graphic Design, Web Design Identity Development, Brand Design, Packaging Design, Print Design, Digital Design, Advertising Design, and Environmental Design — Zielinski Design Associates attention to detail, strong work ethic, and our inherent desire to understand your business, allow us to deliver ideation that enhances your customer experience.

Zielinski Design Associates service offering is integral to just about every phase of a companies life from defining and creating products to developing a visual identity to execution on all levels. ZDA provides a steady hand, and many times the extra hand, needed for flawless execution. The firm has worked with startups and fortune 100 companies alike, demonstrating the importance of brand building from the very earliest stages through maturity.

ZDA's creative methodology is based on what the customer wants or expects to receive, such as functionality, price, convenience, experience, design, reliability, performance, efficiency, and compatibility. While it is possible to create substantive solutions using readily available data and client knowledge, ZDA strives to go outside the box to seek a more in-depth understanding of the consumer in their respective environments — always looking from outside the box.

Experiential connectivity Our method involves removing you from your current environment and together going out into the consumer's environment to experience, see, touch, and immerse ourselves in their culture. This knowledge and "experiential connectivity" will help us gain the insight needed so together we can build better acquisition strategies and innovative pipeline development. This is one of the most intuitive ways we understand who the customer is and what they want and why. Without this, we are all merely making assumptions that can not be authentically supported. Connecting with the consumer on every level means visiting them in their environments on a global, multi-city investigative manner.

At Zielinski Design Associates, we believe you have to extend your reach using any methodology possible, and this all starts with an idea. The best ideas come from gut intuition based on experiential connectivity — we call this ideation.

Branding & Identity

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Messaging & Voice
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logo Development
  • Stationary Systems
  • Name Development

Digital Media

  • Website Design
  • Website Analytics
  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Management Systems
  • Interactive Demonstrations
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Promotional Videos


  • Branding Environments
  • Display Design
  • Space Planning
  • Signage Systems
  • Wayfinding Systems
  • Trade Show Graphics


  • Digital Marketing
  • Print Campaigns
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Media Planning
  • Media Placement
  • Direct Marketing


  • Identity/Stationary Systems
  • Collateral/Brochures
  • History Books
  • Press Kits
  • Annual Reports
  • Presentations
  • Information Graphics
  • Invitations


  • Beauty
  • Food & Wine
  • Pet Products
  • Consumer Goods
  • Software


  • Cultural, Category or Mindset
  • Expert and Influencer Chats
  • Consumer Conversations
  • Insight Activation Workshops